Back to Kotisiilo

I wrote about the strangest housing project in Järvenpää back in 2013. Now I visited the city on a rainy friday and, lo and behold, stumbled upon the just finished Kotisiilo!


The old silos were demolished and replaced by a new building with the same external shape. The architects Helamaa & Pulkkinen have slightly streamlined the design from 2013, for the better it seems. The distinctive silo-shape is formed now only by round balconies around a straightforward building core, but the effect is still quite striking.


Oddly enough there is a similar project in Oulu, called Tervahovin siilot, where old grain silos were replaced/renovated into apartments by Archeus architects, making for a truly memorable sight, as they put it in their description.

Although there is still something really weird about it, I am cautiously starting to like it (in the “why not” kind of way). The building actually feels almost cheerful in comparison with the other new buildings surrounding it, which are the usual well-meaning, not overly ambitious buildings that end up filling new neighborhoods.


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