Turku Avant-garde

Children's room
Children’s room in Maalaistentalo, Turku 1929

This is for all you design bloggers out there:

20 years before String-shelves, more than 80 years before Ikea’s Stockholm carpets and 85 years before all-white interiors with a balanced set of colourful toys, Aino Marsio-Aalto was posting stuff like this in the 1929 issue of Finnish architecture magazine Arkkitehti. This is an apartment in Lounais-Suomen Maalaistentalo, Turku, built in 1929 and obviously designed by the Aaltos. Most of the furniture is ready-made (looks familiar, doesn’t it?)  or designed by the couple themselves.

Living room
Living room
Living room
Living room

The crisp coolness of these pictures is even more evident when looking at the other projects presented in 1929. Like this nice house from 1928 in Linnankatu 33, Turku by architect Gunnar Wahlroos, just a few blocks away.

"Herrainhuone" from Linnankatu 33, 1929
“Herrainhuone” from Linnankatu 33, 1929

Herrainhuone I imagine to be something between drawing-room and man cave.


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