Not strange at all

SRV advertisement
SRV advertisement for As Oy Helsingin Lieska
New apartment building at the end of Suvannontie

This is not a strange house. But it is being built on a spot in Helsinki that I think would have deserved one. At the end of  Suvannontie in Puu-Vallila SRV is building a new apartment building: As Oy Helsingin Lieska (sic). As Oy Kullanmuru and Kesäheila are soon following.

View along Vallilankatu

There is nothing really wrong about it except that there it could be anywhere – very efficiently planned, balancing on the thin line between builder-friendly efficiency and poorly planned apartments.  That is why it is somehow at odds with the many city layers surrounding it, the red brick and white industrial buildings from the early 1900’s, the small scale of workers houses of Puu-Vallila, the former Primula Bakery that it is attached to.

At a first glance there seem to be almost endless possibilities of how and what to build on this spot and none of these are utilized. It is at the same time too high and too low, too white and too bleak, too careful and too ignorant.  In the advertisement it looks so anonymous that it could have been picked from any page in the catalogue “Finnish whitish modernism 1990-2020”.

"Artist's Vision"

I really think this place could have deserved a little more. But hopefully it’s just the picture that is bleak and the end result will make me eat my words.


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