Home for Batman

Tudor City

Built by the Fred D. French Company in Midtown Manhattan in the 1920’s, designed by H. Douglas Ives, Tudor City is the first residential skyscraper complex in the world. The dark towers looming behind the United Nations building try hard to look even older but the neon sign flashing “Tudor City” betrays them. There are not many windows facing the East River because at the time Tudor City was built, the shore line was filled with slaughterhouses. Most of the apartments are turned towards a dark garden in the middle of the block.

Park in Tudor City

Being ahead of its time in fighting urban sprawl Tudor City was advertised to prospective buyers with the slogan “Live in Tudor City and walk to business!” . The medieval-inspired entrances and at the heavily decorated top floors are more nostalgic than really Tudor or Tudor Revival, but with the luring name they were probably good for business: tempting middle class house buyers hesitating between suburban homes and this gothamian complex with valet service and its own 18-hole golf course. The apartments are a bit dull in comparison but there is something really fascinating in this mixture of past future optimism, business thinking, naive historicism and comic strip fantasy.

I guess this is where Batman would buy his city apartment.


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